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YWCA Kaua'i - Healthy Money Choices

Now in its third year, the “Healthy Money Choices” program has generated a palpable buzz in the Kauai community. What began as a basic financial workshop for domestic violence survivors has turned into a steadily growing delivery of financial literacy and empowerment available to all island residents. “Healthy Money Choices” is a program of the YWCA of Kauai and is run mostly by volunteers. Classes and workshops have grown nearly 50 percent over the last two years, with over 200 individuals participating in the program in 2018. There are unique offerings from the Healthy Money Choices lineup, including financial coaching, workshops, classes, and the YWCA Financial University. Graduates of YU have come to be known as “Money Nerds,” recognizing the pride and accomplishment that comes with getting nerdy about their finances.

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Events by YWCA Kaua'i - Healthy Money Choices

Recession Survival Tool Kit - Zoom Meeting

Wed, Apr 1, 2020

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

YWCA of Kauai